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Ore is an award-winning worker placement game, which has undergone extensive design & development. 

In Ore players are transported to another era in which they are able to shape the future - their companies will contribute to the growth of Americas. They will push the world into the future, as they look into the sunset they’ll see skyscrapers - the structures that are redefining the American landscape - built from the very materials they’ve mined. And they’ll make a fortune while doing it. Though, they must compete with rival miners for the lucrative contracts from New York and Chicago real estate moguls. Who will build the most successful mining empire and who will go home empty handed? 

Players will have to explore the mines to obtain materials, complete contracts to earn cash and reinvest their earnings into business developments or building assets in order to grow their riches. The player with the most successful business at the end of the seventh round will be crowned the victor. 

Each of the seven rounds is subdivided into three phases:

Tasking Phase - Where players assign their workers to enter mines, secure contracts, and develop their businesses. 

Collection Phase - Where workers in mines collect resources, and advance deeper into the mines. 

Business Phase - Where players fill their contracts, recall workers, refresh the contract row, and advance the round tracker token. 

  •  Quick Simple Fun Games: 

Quick Simple Fun Games was started in 2016 by Patrick Havert and has currently produced 14 games and 3 expansions including Muse, Celestia and Burano. QSF predominantly focuses on lighter weight titles and therefore has not needed Kickstarter in the past. Though, since Ore: The Mining Game is a larger title we have decided to foray into Kickstarter for the first time. 

Patrick also is in charge of the annual Dice Tower Convention in Orlando, FL. 

  • Atheris Games:

Atheris Games was started in 2015 by Andrew Russell Birkett and currently has produced 3 games (Cul-De-Sac Conquest, Mutant Crops and Supernatural Socks) all through Kickstarter. We've been fortunate enough to fund our dreams through Kickstarter and have recently begun working first-time Kickstarter creators to ensure they don't make the same mistakes that we did.

Andrew is also a contributing writer for Casual Game Insider

  •  Game Designers: Joe McClintock and Jason Lyle Steingisser [winners of the 2013 Boston Festival of Indie Games Indie Ideals (Best Game) award for Ore: The Mining Game]

Ore Prize Win at Boston Festival of Indie Games
Ore Prize Win at Boston Festival of Indie Games
  •  Game Development: Patrick Havert, Michael Mihealsick
  •  Illustrator: Andre Garcia 
  •  Graphic Design: Jenn Tatti, Daniel Holt, Jose Monsalve, Sebastian Koziner
  •  Kickstarter Production: Sebastian Koziner 
  •  Kickstarter Video: Rocio Ogñenovich
  •  Kickstarter Video Voiceover: Danny Lott
  •  Special Thanks: James Hudson (Druid City Games), Rob Conley (Ginger Cat Productions), Eric Little, and Richard Simpson (We're Not Wizards)

Available Rewards:

$49USD + Shipping

Mining for Gold

One copy of Ore: The Mining Game including any unlocked stretch goals.


  • Ore: The Mining Game
  • Ore: The Mining Game - PNP files
$240USD + Shipping

Group Pledge

Six copies of Ore: The Mining Game including any unlocked stretch goals.


  • 6 x Ore: The Mining Game
  • Ore: The Mining Game - PNP files

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